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Archaeological Museum of Chania

The Archaeological Museum of chania was founden in 1963 and is located at the place of the Venetian Monastery of Agios Fragiskos in Halidon Street in Chania. The collection of the museum includes findings from excavations in several areas of the city that have been performed during the last 50 years, and its exhibits cover the cultural history of Chania from the neolithic period till the Roman Empire.

At the east section of the building are placed exhibits of the prehistoric period, while the western section includes exhibits from the geometric period until the Roman Empire.

All of the exhibits are placed according to the subject or the location they were found. The Archaeological Museum of Chania organizes temporal exhibitions, educational programms and various cultural events during the whole year in order to project the cultural history of Chania in the best possible way, constituting an attraction for many visitors.

Address: 21 Halidon Street, Old City of Chania
Tel.: +30 28210 90334

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection

It is located in the internal part of north-westernside of the fortification walls that was renamed to Monastery of Saint Salvatore. The exhibition is focused on the historical and artistic identity of region of Chania during the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period.

The exhibits have been separated in units according to their category (Mosaics, Signs, murals, ceramic, sculptures, coins etc.) and are placed in chronological order, accompanied by information tables and maps.

Address: 78 Theotokopoulou Street, Old City of Chania.
Tel.: +30 28210 96046

Nautical Museum of Crete

The Nautical Museum of Crete is located at the entrance of the historical fortress “Firka”. It was founded in 1973 in order to promote the nautical traditions and history of the island. The Museum cooperates and interacts with other Nautical Museums in Greece and abroad.

The permanent exhibition includes 2.500 items, such as relics, objects found in the bottom of the sea, paintings, maps, photographs, models of ships, nautical equipment etc. The exhibits are organized in units, in chronological order from the Copper Age until today. There is also a special exhibition of sea environment, with a rich collection of shells from different places of the world.

An important development step for the Nautical Museum is the creation of a permanent exhibition of ancient and traditional shipbuilding. The main exhibit of the museum is the reconstructed Minoan ship “Minoa” an experimantal model, faithful copy of the original ancient commercial ship. Other exhibits are the tools and the materials that were used for its manufacture, some photographs and a map of its experimental travel.

Address: Akti Kountourioti, Venetian Port of Chania
Tel.: +30 28210 – 91875
Fax: +30 28210 74484
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Museum of Typography

The sole Museum of Typography in Greece is located in Chania, only 4 km from the city of Chania, in the Industry Park of Souda.

The Museum of Typography, which officially opened its gates in May 2005, includes in its collection fine printing presses and other machines, as well as tools and objects that present the development of typography from its birth, the period of Gutenberg till today.

Rare books and newspapers, as well as precious lithographies, travel the visitor in the art of Typography. The effort for the enrichment of the Museum with new exhibits and the contact with people of Typography is continuous. In April 2012, the museum was extended in a new wing, adding exhibits in its collection that concern the development of graphic arts, as well as two significant exhibitions that are related with the development of typography and the history of writing. During the visit can everyone print using the old printing press.

Address: Industry Park of Souda, Building 13-03, Souda, Chania.
Tel.: +30 28210  80091

The House of Eleftherios Venizelos

The house that Eleftherios Venizelos was born – one of the most important politicians of Greece – is located in Mournies of Chania. The house of Venizelos today has been transformed into Museum, in which many personal objects of the ethnarch El. Benizelos and the Cretan history are exposed.

Address: Mournies Chanion
Tel.: +30 28210 56008

Historical and Folklore Museum of Therisos

This Museum was founded in 1985 and it located in the building that was used as headquarters of Eleftherios Venizelos. The museum hosts objects of that period, archives and photographic material, armament, as well as personal objects of Eleftherios Venizelos.

Address: Theriso, Chania
Tel.: +30 28210 56008

Historical Archive of Crete

The Historical Archive of Crete constitutes one of the fisrt arcieving services of Greece. It was founded in Chania in 1920, after the decission of the General Governor of Crete; today is a public inter-prefecture service, a decentralized department of the General Archives of the State and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.

It includes approximately 1.000.000 historical documents. Great historical collections, as the official correspondence during the Cretan Revolution, many private collections of Rebels and other distinguished persons, the archives of Cretan Fighters, the archives of the Turkish Administration in Crete, of the Central Translation Office of Crete, of the Cretan Government from German Occupation, are included in the Archive. Together with the archival material that maintains, the Historical Archive of Crete has created a historical and folklore department. In the first room of the museum department are exposed personal souvenirs of the ethnarch El. Venizelos (the office and his chair, his armchair, his printing press and the stamps of Movement of Therisos, documents and photographs, his pistol, various publications, ect.).

There are rooms dedicated to the Cretan Fights, to the Cretan State, to the Battle of Crete and the Resistance of Cretan people. Also, the folklore department provides to the visitor a representation of Cretan house (loom, furnitures, embroideries, handycrafts, etc.). Aim and mission of the Archive is the meditation, rescue, classification and protection of all nature of archives and heirlooms that concern the History of Crete, which are available, without restrictions, for researchers, students and visitors.

Address: 20 Ι. Sfakianaki Street
Tel.:- Fax: +30 28210 52606

Municipal Art Gallery of Chania

The Municipal Art Gallery of Chania constitutes a unique place of culture that hosts works of painting, engraving and sculpture of Greek creators and local artists, that are dated by the 18th century until today. Core of the collection of works that are exposed in the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania was the donation of Lykourgos Manoysakis during the end of decade 1950.

Then followed important donations, as that of Kostas Ioannidis and Panagiotis Grabbalos, as well as offers of individual works from many artists, natives and foreigners. The Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, centre of wider cultural creation, develops significant editorial activity while it organises and hosts exhibitions, speeches, meetings, educational programs and other activities, during the whole year.

Address: 98-102 Halidon Street, Chania
Tel.: +30 28210 92294 / +30 28210 36190

Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos

The fatherly house of Eleftherios Venizelos in Halepa of Chania, which constituted his house for more than thirty years, from 1880 to 1910 and later for short periods from 1927 to 1935, today constitutes a Museum under the responsibility of “National Institution of Researches and Studies El. Venizelos”, in which it has been granted by the Greek state.

The collection of the Museum consists of the complete household effects of the ethnarch, which he personally selected, from works of art, part of his library, his personal objects and from the collection of objects and records of Institution, relative to the period, the action and the personality of Venizelos. Characteristic is also that all the areas of the residence have maintained their authentic form until today, the one that they had during the period that El. Benizelos lived at the house.

Address: Elena Venizelou Square, Halepa, Chania
Tel.: +30 28210 56008 / +30 28210 51555-6

Folklore Museum of Chania – Cretan House

The Folklore Museum of Chania is located at the centre of the old city of Chania, in Halidon Street, next to the Catholic church. It includes folklore and traditional exhibits that allow the visitor to have a representative picture of the way of life of older residents of island during the 18th and 19th century.

Among others, in the museum is availabe a collection of tools, raw material of and products of traditional home handicraft, small industry and rural life. There are also representations of rural occupations, home arts, craft-based work as well as representations of the interior of a rural house. Interesting is the workshop of the museum that revives the Cretan embroidery art and where embroidery paintings are being created.

Address: 46Β Halidon Street, Chania (entrance from the yard of the Catholic Church)
Tel.: +30 28210 90816

Museum of the Greek National Football Team

The Museum of the Greek National team is unique in Greece and one of the few that exist worldwide at national team level. Inside this museum, the history of the Greek National footballteam comes to life again and the visitor can learn it through the hundreds of objects and shirts of the current National team, as well as of previous teams.

Some of the most popular objects that somebody can see in the Museum are the shirts of the International Greek Team from historical games and more, the replica of the Cup from the European Championship 2004, the ticket of the final game Greece-Portugal, the ball from the game Greece-Nigeria 2-1, the unique victory of the National Team in the World Cup etc…

Address: 40 Tsouderon Street
Tel.: +30 697 433 1691


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